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Centella Asiatica is an ingredient that’s taking off in the skin care world - you’ve probably already used Centella skin care and haven’t even realised! It has a few other names including Cica, Tiger Grass, Gotu Kola, and Indian Pennywort. I know - there are a lot of names but they all refer to the same plant with the same exceptional benefits. 

Benefits of Centella Skin Care

The reason why Centella is such a popular skincare ingredient is that it’s one of the best out there for overall skin health. It’s most well known for its ability to soothe skin, thanks to a unique blend of antioxidants only found in this special plant. 

While this makes it an obvious shoo-in for soothing sensitive skin, all skin types can benefit from its calming ability.  Centella isn’t just amazing at reducing redness from irritation - it can soothe redness from breakouts, too!

Another major benefit of Centella is the fact that it helps skin stay hydrated. Hydration is essential to healthy, non-irritated skin - Centella acts like a humectant, attracting water to the skin and keeping it there. 

How to Choose Centella Skin Care Products

The amount of Centella skin care products to choose from are practically endless - it’s the kind of skincare ingredient that works amazingly well in pretty much every type of product out there. However, where it really shines is formulated in a super-soothing moisturiser. A moisturiser will have other ingredients that work well alongside Centella, boosting its skin calming and skin hydrating abilities for glowing, healthy skin. 

Serums and essences also contain this ultra-calming ingredient and can work wonders to reduce redness and halt irritation - it’s even fantastic in aftershave to reduce razor burn and replenish hydration in the skin right after shaving. 

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