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Since you’re stopping here, it’s likely that you’re a guy - or maybe you’re shopping for one. Here’s the thing with skin care and men - beauty products are always seen as ‘for women’ when that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

If you’ve (finally) decided to stop using your partner’s products and sort out a skincare routine of your own, congrats - welcome to a whole new world. Here’s a quick guide to men’s essentials in skincare. 

ATTN All Men: Beauty Products Aren’t Just for Women

When it comes to men’s skincare routines, the same basic ideas apply - a foundation of cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturising form the main structure of the routine, while products like serums and toners are extras that you can add on if you like. 

When shopping for a cleanser, look for something that suits your skin type. Gel cleansers tend to be best for oily and combination skin, while more gentle milk cleansers suit a routine for someone with dry skin.

However, there’s one skincare step you won’t want to skip: exfoliation. Exfoliation is extra important when it comes to men’s skin. Why? It all has to do with shaving. Regular exfoliation clears away any excess dead skin cells that could cause annoying and painful ingrown hairs. 

Plus, exfoliating regularly means you can get a better shave, reducing your chances of dealing with razor burn afterward.  

Are Men’s Essentials Different from Women’s Products?

Not necessarily - it’s true that men’s skin does have different needs, mainly in terms of needing to use aftershave and if you have a beard, using beard oil. When it really comes down to product formulas, men’s skincare has the exact same skin-nourishing ingredients to ensure that your skin looks the best it can! 

What Are the Best Men’s Essentials?

Specific products that you’ll only find are formulated for men are aftershaves and beard oils. Why use them? Well, if you’re clean-shaven, aftershave is a must-have - here’s why. Shaving works as another kind of exfoliation - however, this has one tiny drawback. Exfoliation causes temporary water loss in the skin. Using an aftershave balm negates this, restoring hydration and moisturising skin. 

Aftershave products are also formulated with ingredients such as salicylic acid to prevent irritation and ingrown hairs - not something women necessarily need for their faces!

Beard oils are just as important for beard hair as the skin underneath. Since beards tend to well, stop any skincare from penetrating as well, beard oils have a two-in-one benefit of conditioning beard hairs and the skin underneath. Our tip - if your skin is itching under a beard, add beard oil to your routine! You’ll notice a difference almost instantly. 

At the end of the day, men’s skin isn’t all that different from women’s - other than the difference in facial hair. Men’s skincare products are formulated with many of the same skin-nurturing ingredients to help you get your best skin ever. 

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