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So here’s the thing with caffeine - if you’re anything like us at Beauty Affairs, it’s not just something that you really need in the morning. It’s something that’s absolutely-freaking-amazing for skin - especially for puffy under eyes and persistent dark circles! That’s right, we’re talking about caffeine in skin care.

Why Is Caffeine in Skin Care Products?

The reason caffeine is so fantastic in skincare products is thanks to its ability to constrict blood vessels while boosting microcirculation at the same time. Being able to do these two things helps to reduce the appearance of puffy skin and encourage circulation in the skin - making it super effective for reducing the appearance of eye bags. 

Remember, eye bags are caused by fluid pooling (not the most glamorous word, but it’s true) underneath your eyes - and this includes blood, too, which creates the dark shadows. Eye care with caffeine helps to circulate this excess fluid away for eyes that look like you got a full night’s sleep. 

One of our best beauty tips is using a caffeine-rich eye cream with an eye massager to boost ingredient penetration and add some manual massage action to sweep away those panda eyes!

Our Guide to Caffeine in Skin Care Products

Now that you know why there’s caffeine in skin care, here’s how to choose which caffeine product is right for you - at least, when it comes to eye care. Eye serums are great for all skin types but are best for combination and oily skin. Their lightweight texture never feels too heavy or greasy, something that oily-skinned people will appreciate! 

Traditional creams are best for normal to dry-skinned folks; they add a little bit of extra moisture alongside that caffeine boost for your under eyes.

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