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Looking for the perfect new perfume for you, or maybe someone else? If only there was a way to try multiple perfumes at once… Well, there actually is - have you tried luxury fragrance sets before? These kits (aka discovery sets) usually come with multiple smaller sizes of perfumes, perfect for travel or trying new scents without committing to the full size!

Fragrance Sets: Perfect For Trying Something New

Keen to switch up your signature scent for something new? A fragrance mini set might just be what you’re looking for. Try smaller sizes of classic perfumes to get a feel for how a specific perfume works with your natural body chemistry. We’ve all tried a new scent before, only to find that the fragrance notes don’t really mesh with our body’s natural chemistry - right?

One of the best ways to avoid splashing out on a full-sized Eau De Parfum, only to find it’s not quite right for us is with a set of mini fragrances. There’s also the added bonus of trying perfumes that you normally wouldn’t reach for, giving you the chance to experiment with fragrances outside of your comfort zone. You never know - something you wouldn’t normally gravitate to could become your new favourite fragrance!

Another reason to love mini fragrance collections is that they’re travel-friendly! You can pack them in carry-on (since they’re small enough) or in your suitcase and still have room for souvenirs. 

Perfume Sets = The Perfect Gift

If you’re shopping for someone who’s got it all, surprise them with a set of mini fragrances - chances are, you might be giving them a perfume that they already love (score!) or give them a little nudge and help them find a new signature perfume.

There’s a fragrance set for everyone - shop for her with a set of women’s fragrances, or shop for him with perfume sets for men. Don’t forget unisex fragrances, either - these perfumes can be worn by anyone, formulated with scent notes that flatter all genders. Whether you’re shopping for a fragrance set as a gift to yourself or someone else, there’s perfume out there for everyone!

Our Favourite Perfume Sets

Transport yourself to faraway places with the Memo Paris Voyage 22 Discovery Set. This gift set has a whopping 8 perfumes to try. Each scent is created with only the most high-quality essences and elixirs to evoke atmospheres from around the world - let your senses do the travelling with this mini fragrance set from Memo Paris

Where to Buy Discovery Sets Australia

Shop fragrance kits from Beauty Affairs Australia! Find your signature fragrance from brands like Memo Paris, Hugo Boss, Versace and more. Now shipping Australia wide - shop now, pay later with Zip, AfterPay, and Klarna!

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