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When it comes to creating a relaxing mood and atmosphere in your home or office, you can’t go past wood wick candles. Be transported to a place you love, or somewhere you’ve never been before with a wide variety of sumptuous scents that are perfectly crafted to brighten the ambience, wherever they’re it!

Why Wood Wick Candles?

Wooden wick candles have a few major benefits compared to their traditional cotton wick counterparts. First, wood wick candles really help to set a relaxing atmosphere thanks to their unique ability to crackle and pop while lit, mimicking the atmosphere of a cosy fire! 

Wooden wicks also burn more efficiently than traditional wicks - their wider shape in the candle helps to heat all of the wax evenly, ensuring a proper scent throw so you can enjoy your new favourite scent for longer. They’re also not as sooty and don’t release as many smokey particles into the air compared to traditional cotton wicks. 

Another reason to reach for wood wick luxury candles is that they’re more eco-friendly; it takes much less effort and resources to create wooden wicks than cotton thread, plus wicks made of wood are much more sustainable to produce! Who said doing your part to help the environment has to be boring?!

Wooden Wick Candles Tips & Tricks

Did you know there are rights and wrongs when it comes to using home fragrances like candles and diffusers? Here are some expert-approved tips for getting the most out of your luxuriously scented candles. 

First, it’s important to not let your wood wick scented candles tunnel - you’ll shorten any burning time dramatically if you let this happen. Tunnelling happens when you don’t let the entire candle create a melted pool of wax on its surface the first time you burn it, and the wick keeps descending down the candle, creating a tunnel that makes it harder and harder to light your candles. 

The second tip is to use a candle snuffer to put out any candles. Now, this isn’t being suggested just for fun - a candle snuffer helps to stop any excess smokiness from blowing out a scented candle. This excess smoke can add an unpleasant burnt note to the aroma you’ve just been infusing your home with - so instead, always snuff out candles rather than blowing them out (except for birthday candles, of course!)

Depending on the candle, you might not even need to burn it to enjoy its scent. Candles that smell strongly without burning are said to have a strong cold throw - cold meaning unlit or unburned. You might even find that the scent changes slightly when the candle is unlit vs. lit - and keeping it lit at all is completely up to you!

Where to Buy Wood Wick Candles

Shop the best in luxury scented candles here at Beauty Affairs. They make the best gifts for a loved one or even yourself. Reinvigorate your home with a cleansing aroma, or set a cosy atmosphere with a sweet gourmand-scented candle - the choice is yours. Find your new favourite candle scent from Hutwoods and other luxury home fragrance brands at Beauty Affairs.

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