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Okay, we know it’s not exactly the best-sounding ingredient name out there, but skin care ferments are some of the gentlest, yet most skin-changing ingredients that you could use. Most skin ferments have their origins in East Asian skincare, where they’ve been used for years in serums and essences for their amazing benefits on the skin.

What Are the Benefits of Fermented Skin Care Products?

The idea of probiotic skincare ingredients is only just starting to catch on in the west - but it’s never too late to start using these skin-brightening ingredients. Using rice and yeast ferment extract in skin care could be exactly what your skin needs. Think of it almost like taking a multivitamin for your skin - it does so much for it!

One of the main benefits of using a fermented skin care ingredient is its ability to fight off the signs of aging. Across the board, almost all ferments from rice, yeast, and other sources are able to gently boost the skin’s renewal process for skin that’s firmer and younger-looking.

Another reason why you might want to get your hands on fermented skin care products is for their ability to fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation. This might be the number one reason why rice ferment extract in skin care has such a huge following in countries such as Japan and Korea - Asian skin ages differently and will show tell-tale darker spots before fine lines and wrinkles appear. The more you know!

One of the best ways to add the goodness of fermented skincare to your routine is with an essence (but these nourishing ingredients appear in serums and moisturisers too). Essences are an extra step that can make a huge difference to your routine and skin, adding a signature radiance and glow that you can only get with natural skin care ferments.

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