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Looking for something that’ll help your makeup last all day and all night? That’s where primer comes in. This crucial makeup step helps to prep your skin for your foundation - and there’s one for every skin type.

Choosing the best primer for you depends on your skin type and any concerns - here are the five most common types of primers for skin and who they’re best for. Plus once you’re ready to shop, don’t forget that we’ve got the best in luxury beauty and you same-day dispatch* - skincare, makeup, primer - Australia-wide.

What Are the Different Kinds of Makeup Primers?

Pore-filling Primer: This type of primer temporarily smooths out and fills the appearance of pores, making skin look much smoother than it is. A pore-filling primer doesn’t necessarily need to be used all over the face - all you need to do is apply it where your visible pores are, such as the part of the cheeks closest to the nose.

Mattifying Primer: Mattifying primer is suitable for combination or oily skin. It helps to curb sebum levels, stopping excess oil from breaking down makeup and ensuring that skin stays matte and shine-free for longer.

Hydrating Primer: For dry skin, hydrating primer is the best option. It is packed with ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid to prevent skin from drying out and making your foundation look flakey. Another bonus of hydrating primers is that they can create a tacky finish, making it easier for your foundation to stick to your skin and last all day or night.

Blurring Primer: If your skin has a lot of texture due to wrinkles, this is the primer for you - it subtly smooths out the appearance of any fine lines, temporarily reducing the look of wrinkles.

Colour-correcting Primer: This skin primer is a godsend for redness-prone skin. They’re usually green-tinted, which helps cancel out skin redness. They help to prevent any redness from coming through your foundation.

Why Use Face Primer?

Using a makeup primer helps make your entire makeup look last longer than it would without. They can help your makeup go on evenly and flawlessly - no patchy foundation here! A primer is also essential to ensure your makeup lasts and stays perfect until you’re ready to take it off. Just a heads up - we highly recommend an oil cleanser or micellar water, makeup remover for the job!

Is Makeup Primer the Same as Sunscreen?

Some sunscreens can smooth skin in the same way as a facial primer, but not all primers are able to work double-duty this way. To protect your skin from the sun and prolong the wear of your makeup, we recommend using primer after your favourite facial sunscreen.

Now that you know what to look for in a face primer - don’t forget to grab the perfect one for you right here! We’re one of the best places to shop for all things beauty - including makeup primer - Australia’s top luxury beauty destination, Beauty Affairs.

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