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If you’re looking for natural cosmetics for your makeup bag, we’ve got you covered. Clean beauty is more than just a buzzword - it’s a way of life. At Beauty Affairs, we’ve got the best natural makeup options for those who want to avoid traditional cosmetics in favour of less processed, natural alternatives. 

Why Use Organic Makeup?

What is the difference between natural cosmetics and traditional makeup? One of the biggest is that natural makeup is less processed compared to ‘regular’ makeup - it usually has fewer preservatives and synthetic ingredients. 

Natural ingredient-based cosmetics are a life-saving option for those who love makeup but have skin that just can’t tolerate regular makeup products. This doesn’t mean that non-natural makeup products are bad or harmful - organic makeup just means that there’s an option for those who need it. 

Common irritating ingredients in regular cosmetics include preservatives, surfactants, and alcohol. While preservatives help to ensure that a product doesn’t go off as fast, for some sensitive skin types, they can be too much. 

The same goes for surfactants! A surfactant is an ingredient that helps create that satisfying, foamy lather. This rich foam can be too dry and stripping for some, resulting in dehydrated skin and breakouts.

While alcohol can help temporarily mattify oily skin, it can be too drying and irritating - especially for someone that already has dry or dehydrated skin. 

Natural makeup and other organic cosmetics are usually formulated without these big-three ingredients - and these are just some of the traditional ingredients that organic cosmetics typically avoid!

Natural Cosmetics Vs Cruelty-Free Cosmetics: What’s the Difference?

There is a lot of overlap between the categories of natural cosmetics, cruelty-free beauty, and vegan makeup - it’s hard to tell the difference! Here’s our guide to demystifying what each of these labels means to help make shopping for your new favourite cosmetics even easier. 

Cruelty-Free: When cosmetics are described as cruelty-free, it means that the product has not been tested on animals.

Vegan: If a product is described as vegan, it means that there are no animal-derived ingredients contained in the makeup. This includes ingredients like beeswax, honey, carmine.

Natural: This means that the cosmetics are made from raw ingredients that are found in nature and are preferably minimally processed to make sure that they don’t lose any of their benefits for the skin!

Organic: If a cosmetic is labelled as organic, that means it’s been formulated with ingredients that are certified organic - meaning, they’ve been farmed and created without the use of genetically modified organisms, chemical-based pesticides, and synthetic fertilisers. 

Where to Buy the Best Natural Makeup

At Beauty Affairs, we’ve got the best natural makeup and cosmetic brands like Inika Organic and more. We know that taking the plunge and switching to natural makeup can be daunting - that’s why we’ve got organic makeup trial kits to help find your perfect match, whether you’re looking for an organic foundation or natural eye makeup

If you’ve been wanting to make the switch, this is your sign to shop natural beauty with Beauty Affairs today! Free gift with orders over $120 - what are you waiting for? 

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