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Countless eyebrow trends have come and gone in the last few years - ultrathin, bold and bushy, and now the perfectly imperfect model brow. At the end of the day, whatever flatters your the most has never gone out of style! Find your new favourite brow products here at Beauty Affairs - everything you need is right here for perfect eyebrows. Australia-wide next-day dispatch is now available!

How to Get Perfect Eyebrows: Product Suggestions

Eyebrow pens, eyebrow powder, eyebrow pencils - many eyebrow makeup products promise to help you get flawless brows, but how do you know which ones are right for you? Well, it depends on a few things - how much time you have in the morning, what kind of look you want, and your skill level. The product matters when it comes to getting perfect eyebrows - so here’s our guide. 

Brow Powder: Brow powders look a lot like powder eyeshadow - just in brow-appropriate shades. The truth is, they’re very similar - brow powders are perfect for creating a softly-filled, natural-looking brow. They’re ideal for filling in any gaps in your brows and are incredibly easy to use. 

Brow Pencil: This kind of eyebrow makeup requires a little bit more precision and attention - these days, they come with ultra-fine points to help draw precise hair-like strokes. If you make a mistake, no worries - you can use the brush on the end of your brow pencil to blend in any errors for a natural look. 

Brow Gels: There are two kinds of brow gels to choose from - volumising and setting. Volumising brow gels have a waxier formula and are usually tinted, making them a one-and-done option for making brows look defined and set at the same time. 

Setting brow gels are clear and designed to be used after a brow pencil or powder - they help to keep brow hairs in place and don’t add any more colour. 

Brow Pens: Sometimes called brow markers, this product category is the most demanding to work with - they look a lot like liquid eyeliners, except that they’re designed for use on your eyebrows! They create precise, sharp strokes - ideal for that fluffy model brow look. 

Brow Pomade: Brow pomades hit their peak popularity in 2017, but they’re still an excellent option for filling brows - with an incredibly light hand, they can fill in brows or create realistic hair-like strokes. It’s totally up to you! The best beauty tool for pomades is angled brushes for precise linework.

Best Eyebrow Makeup Tip

The best pro-MUA tip for doing eyebrows is to take it slow and use a light hand. It’s easy to draw on heavy, one dimensional-brows by accident. Taking it slow means you’ve got time to correct any fudge-ups too - and over time, you’ll be able to do your brows faster and faster. 

Where to Buy Eyebrow Makeup Online

At Beauty Affairs, shop eyebrow pencils, gel, serums and Perfector of brands like GA-DEInika OrganicGuerlain, and more. We’ve got everything you need for your best-ever eyebrow makeup - Australia-wide shipping is free with orders over $179!

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