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No one does masculine scents better than Hugo Boss - find your new favourite fragrance from Hugo Boss. Sophisticated, elegant scents for men and women can be hard to find! Hugo Boss brings a new level of poise to your fragrance collection. Shop Hugo Boss at Beauty Affairs.

Hugo Boss Fragrances

Originally from Germany, the Hugo Boss brand released its first fragrance in 1985 - Boss Number One is an aromatic, mossy fragrance with a uniquely masculine presence. This classic Eau De Toilette is still a fan-favourite today, thanks to the unique blend of tobacco, fruity and floral notes. 

Boss by Hugo Boss is an alluring men’s fragrance with notes of apple, cinnamon and geranium. This spicy, woody scent quickly shot to cult status with its sharp yet elegant masculine fragrance.

Hugo Boss isn’t just for the guys - Hugo Boss Femme is a fruity fragrance described as harmony in a bottle with bright, floral notes for feminine charm. This delicate fragrance is a great gift for a loved one!

Hugo Boss Cologne vs. Hugo Boss Deodorant

What’s the difference between using a cologne vs. a Hugo Boss deodorant? The truth is, cologne or perfume is for making a statement and announcing your presence - you want it to be bold, but not overwhelming. 

Deodorants won’t last as long nor smell as strongly as an Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette, but it has a slightly different purpose! Perfume deodorants add a subtle touch of scent to your day - but they’re not going to have the lasting power of a true perfume. 

Where to Buy Hugo Boss Deodorant in Australia

Shop Hugo Boss, Gucci, Versace and more right here at Beauty Affairs! Your new signature fragrance is waiting for you - so what are you waiting for? Free shipping Australia-wide with orders over $100. 

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