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While essences are amazing all-rounder skin care products, you can get essences that are targeted for specific skin concerns - in this case, for thirsty skin that needs more hydration.

What Does a Hydrating Essence Do?

A hydrating essence is formulated to boost hydration in your skin. Alongside having the usual fermented extracts that all essences have, this type of essence usually contains humectant ingredients to attract water into the skin. These humectants attract water to themselves, boosting the amount of h2O in your skin.

Other than skin-nurturing ferment filtrates, hydration-boosting ingredients to look for include Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, and Polyglutamic Acid. This combination of ingredients works incredibly well to increase moisture levels in skin, especially when paired with serums and moisturisers rich in humectants. 

Pro tip - lock humectants in with a heavier moisturiser or facial oil to ensure skin stays hydrated all day long. 

The Benefits of Using a Hydrating Essence

Hydrated skin is healthy skin. When your skin has proper levels of moisture, it not only looks much healthier - it is much healthier. When skin is properly hydrated, it also has an intact moisture barrier, a crucial part of the skin that helps to keep water in skin and keep external nasties out. 

Using a hydrating, nourishing essence also ensures that skin is able to rejuvenate itself properly - if your skin is overly dry and damaged, it can’t heal itself as quickly, even from minor breakouts and irritations. 

Hydrated skin also has the benefit of reducing the appearance of fine lines - it’s slightly plumped out from all the moisture, temporarily filling out wrinkles for smoother, younger-looking skin. 

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