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You’ve probably already tried some form of physical exfoliation in the form of face or body scrub - but when it comes to reaching your skin care goals, here’s how to know which is the best physical exfoliant for your skin.


Physical Exfoliant 101

A physical exfoliant is usually a cleanser with scrubby granules made from a natural abrasive material, like jojoba beads or gentle bamboo particles. Not only are these physical grains gentler on your skin, but they’re also better for the environment compared to plastic microbeads.

Another kind of physical exfoliator product is powder exfoliant - they usually contain smaller amounts of exfoliating granules, making them the best physical exfoliant for sensitive skin. You can customise your experience with powder exfoliators - add less water to make it a more paste-like scrub, or more water to dilute the product.

Using a physical exfoliant is better if you’re after instantly smoother skin. They’re too large to encourage anti-ageing benefits but they’re effective at clearing away dead skin cells for clearer, softer skin.


Tips for Using A Physical Exfoliator

  1. You Don’t Need to Apply a Lot of Pressure to Your Skin: Scrubbing your skin too hard can give you sensitive, irritated skin - not the clear skin of your dreams. Use a light, gentle hand.
  2. Don’t Use Them Every Day: It’s easy to think that using scrubs frequently gets you faster results. However that’s not the case - consistent exfoliation over time is how to get the best out of your physical exfoliator.
  3. Don’t Use One Right Before or After a Chemical Exfoliant: It’s easy to get excited and want to use everything at the same time. However, using too many exfoliating products on skin leads to irritation - not glowy skin.


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