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Steam styler

CLEARANCE - Steam Styler Hair Straightener

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Steam Styler Hair Straightener Steam styler Steam Styler Hair Straightener Steam styler Steam Styler Hair Straightener Steam styler
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Product Description

It’s time to upgrade to a professional steam hair straightener for sleeker, straighter hair, faster. Steam styling technology completely revolutionises straightening your hair!

Switch to the Steam Styler Hair Straightener

A steam hair straightener is less damaging for all hair types. That’s because a professional hair salon steam styler infuses hair with moisture as it straightens, preventing that familiar crunchy, burned feeling after using a traditional flat iron. 

Another benefit of a steam styler is its power to reduce frizz, ensuring that your straightened hair lasts longer. It makes your hair shinier and sleeker compared to 50% of the other steam hair straighteners on the market! 

Steam Styler also features a salon-length swivelling cord, so you’ll never have to awkwardly crouch or yank the cord to straighten hair. The Digital Temperature Display shows exactly how hot your straightener is so that you can adjust it to the perfect temperature for your hair! 

Because of the unique, effective technology, this is the best steam straightener.

How to Use a Steam Styler Straightener

Simply add demineralised water to the steam straightener tank, turn it on, and style your hair as usual. You’ll notice that you won’t need to take as many passes over hair to get it silky straight, speeding up the process. 

To take care of your Steam Styler hair straightener, we suggest only using demineralised water in your steam styler straightener tank. This makes sure that no unwanted minerals are being steamed into your hair, as well as makes sure that your steam straightener works just as it should.

When using this professional steam styler, it’s important not to skip the all-important hair care step of using a heat protectant for silky, healthy hair. Simply apply your favourite heat protectant before steam styling to ensure your hair is as healthy as possible!

Product Highlights:

  • Gives hair visible shine as well as straightens frizzy, textured hair
  • A steam hair straightener causes less damage to hair, reducing split ends
  • Styles hair easier than a traditional hair straightener thanks to steam technology


What Is a Steam Styler?

A Steam Styler is an innovative steam hair straightener that styles hair with the power of steam. It’s one of the best hair straighteners that you’ll ever use. The unique technology helps to style your hair twice as fast while minimising heat damage to your hair.

You’ll notice that your hair feels silky smooth after just one pass with this steam straightener, thanks to the moisture-adding technology. 

Can I Use a Steam Straightener on Wet Hair?

No, we don’t recommend using a steam hair straightener on wet hair. Hair should be styled once air or blow-dried. 

Is a Steam Hair Straightener Good for Your Hair?

Yes! Steam hair stylers are better for your hair than a normal flat iron. That’s because the steam technology locks moisture into your hair, preventing dryness and ensuring your hair stays frizz-free and straight for longer. 

Can I Use a Steam Styler Straightener on All Hair Types?

Yes, a Steam styler hair straightener is safe to use on all hair types. They’re especially effective for frizzy and thick hair. Steam styler straighteners style hair twice as fast as traditional flat irons. 

Is a Steam Straightener More Damaging?

No. A professional steam hair straightener such as this one is better for your hair than a normal straightener. 

What Is the Best Steam Hair Straightener?

The Steam Styler from Beauty Affairs is the best steam straightener in Australia. Try this revolutionary hair care technology today. 

What Makes Professional Steam Hair Straightener Better Than a Flat Iron?

A normal straightener uses direct heat from metal or ceramic plates to straight hair. This makes any moisture left in your hair evaporate away, leaving it vulnerable to heat damage and dryness. The best steam hair straightener uses true steam technology to style hair effortlessly, keeping moisture within the follicle for healthier hair. 


How to Use the Steam Styler Hair Straightener:

  1. Fill the Steam Styler tank to fill line with demineralised water and turnon.
  2. Apply your favourite heat protectant to your hair. 
  3. Part and section hair evenly.
  4. Taking 2-cm wide sections, begin straightening hair with Steam Styler, starting from roots to ends.
  5. Move slowly, making sure that the arrow on your steam straightener is pointing down - this makes sure the built-in comb glides through your hair for a silky, sleek look.
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Get sleek, straight hair in half the time thanks to cutting-edge steam technology. Hair feels softer and sleeker for longer thanks to the Steam Styler.


Experience the best in hair straightening technology with this steam straightener. Steam technology straightens hair, reducing frizz and minimising heat damage for silky straight hair in just one pass.


This steam straightener's bespoke technology minimises heat damage, reducing frizziness and slowing down split ends for healthy hair from root to tip.

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